President Third District Gail Ekloff October 2012


President Third District Gail Ekloff


October letter


Fall, the time of year Mother Nature’s world changes from lush green to warm rich tones of red and yellow then to hibernate the cold winter months to renew herself for the change that comes with the spring .—–Some believe that the Sons of Norway is also in the Fall of her existence. As discussed at both conventions this year, a change in our current “governance “structure may be in our future. The reason being is that the insurance regulators believe that decisions for the organization should be made by all insurance members and not just delegates to the International Convention. In the next two years this will be a topic all Sons of Norway members will hear a lot about as we all learn the details of the new structure and its impact on our current way of conducting business.  Lodge Presidents keep your members informed of the potential MAJOR change to our order. I will share more details as they become available.


International Sons of Norway is changing too, focusing on the Financial, Fraternal, and the Foundation. It is known as the 3F’s that make up Sons of Norway . Focus on the financial part of our order which in turn supports the Fraternal and the Foundation, with Grants and scholarships.  Son of Norway International   has many competitive financial products that will build a strong financial base for Sons of Norway as it helps us with our membership growth.


Third District’s “Home away from Home”, Land of the Vikings is also changing.   For its survival LOV must become more cognizant of it financial base.  I ask all members of the Third District to give the LOV board and the staff at LOV their support and patience while they face the challenge of putting into effect the plans they have for making Land of the Vikings a self-sufficient   entity.  LOV has been the heart of the Third district for almost 40 years. Let’s keep it going for another 40!




The 3D Charitable  Trust is changing too …it will no longer be the best kept  secret  and we can no longer be quiet about all this does for our members. 3D charitable trust must become a focal point for the District so we do not lose this vital part of the “TREMENDOUS THIRD”. April has been chosen  Charitable trust month, with guidance from your  third District Counselor, Kris Rasmussen, ideas on how you and your lodge can make our funds grow will be forth coming.




Change, some say, is never easy, but in the end it brings out new, exciting challenges and brings fourth results that better us all.

Alt for denne gangen

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