President Third District Gail Ekloff November 2012

November is election of officers—- Those who accepted a position THANK YOU!

Please support the efforts of the new officers, specifically…. support their new ideas!   Some will be a refreshing change and others might be a learning experience.  Remember that change can be good! Getting out of your comfort zone is never easy.  In this ever-changing world things must change to grow and survive.  However, let’s move forward without forgetting the significance of our long-standing traditions and ceremonies.

Please remember that one of the major rules of the order is that every lodge must have 8 meetings a year, with at least 4 being business meetings.  Many lodges have a brief business meeting followed by a social meeting for all to enjoy. These business meetings are necessary for the lodges to keep Sons of Norway updated with lodge information and the required  IRS forms
This is a good time to remind ourselves of the oath we all took when we joined the order of Sons of Norway;
(Copied from the order of ceremonies section in the Sons of Norway  “Guide for Leadership”)

We hope you will be honest and fair with all
people and endeavor not to judge the errors
and shortcomings of others.

We require that you never introduce any matter of
a political or religious nature into the lodge.

We expect that your influence and activities will be
with us and for us and that you will, to the best
of your ability, attend our meetings and activities
so that our association both here and elsewhere
may be of mutual benefit and pleasure.

We are pleased that you have accepted these obligations.
From now on, your own interests and the progress and
the welfare of our Order are closely related. We expect
that you will be sociable and tolerant in your conduct,
not easily offended, and always willing to forgive. The
fellowship you experience within this Order will go
with you through life, and may it guide you to a better
understanding of your fellow men. Hold Sons of Norway’s
standards high and let us all by our association and
conduct show the right understanding of the principles
of our Society.

Let us all remember this pledge as we support new officers that take on the challenge of leadership!

Alt for denne gangen

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