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Our sympathies to all families who lost their loved ones on July 22, 2011.

A shock to the nation that has left us speechless!

From Harriet and Linda

I visited Norway for 2 weeks this summer. Most of my time was spent in Skudenes, the birthplace of my father, Magne Grodem. Skudenes is a small community on the island of Karmoy on the southwest coast of Norway. I had a wonderful time visiting relatives and friends there. I took a side trip to Bergen and went on the Norway in a Nutshell tour.

Before I went to Norway, I read an article about Norway being the “Happiest Country in the World”. The people I had contact with demonstrated this.

On Friday, July 22, 2011, Norway became the “Saddest Country in the World”. I saw the story about the bombing on TV and was shocked.

I went to my FaceBook page and saw a post by a cousin in Skudenes about the bombing and replied how sorry I was. A little while later he posted about the children being shot at a camp near Oslo. He was in disbelief, this kind of thing just doesn’t happen in Norway. I replied that we were all praying for the Norwegian people.

The next day relatives and friends in Norway posted on FaceBook about the Norwegian people coming together for memorials for the people who had died and been hurt.

We remember our Norwegian relatives and friends and keep them in our hearts, and hope that Norway can be the “Happiest Country in the World” again.



A Memorial to the Victims of the Tragedy in Norway

A message from John Simensen, President Drammen Lodge 3-682, Sons of Norway, New Bern.

The Lodge organized a Memorial Service to coincide with a similar service in Norway and in Washington DC on July 31st. The vigil was held at Lawson Creek Park. The horrible loss of 76 lives, and many more injured, many of them young people in the early flowering of life, is more than we can conceive. By our witness, we join in the mourning of all the residents of Norway, and in the hope of all right minded people around the world that acts like this will not happen again.

Norway is a small, open and peaceful country. While none of us in the Sons of Norway knows of any specific connection to any of the victims, it is highly probable that one or more of us have kinship to one or more victims. The Sons of Norway is a cultural, social and fraternal organization now encompassing all Scandinavia. Many of our members are of Norwegian ancestry, and several were born in Norway.

Because of these blood ties, we may feel a little more deeply about this tragedy, but I know all peoples mourn such senseless loss. I would like to take just a moment to thank several people who volunteered to help us make this a meaningful experience, especially Phil Buffa, Phil and Andrea Owens, and Bob Dumon.

John Simensen

Phil Buffa, “Amazing Grace”

Arty Ellison

Pastor Ralph Olsen

Phil and Andrea Owens

Condolence memo sent to Royal Norwegian Embassy for inclusion in the Book of Condolences

On the occasion of the horrific events that occurred in Oslo and on Utoya Island, I want to extend the deepest sympathies of the officers and members of Drammen Lodge 3-682, Sons of Norway, to all the victims, their families and to all the Norwegian people. Having experienced similar events here in the United States, we share an understanding of how painful and difficult these days are for the entire Kingdom of Norway. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

John Simensen President Drammen Lodge 3-682 Sons of Norway New Bern, North Carolina

The Reply from the Royal Norwegian Embassy Thank you so much for your compassion and kind words, which are greatly appreciated. Norway is in deep mourning after the horrific and tragic attacks on Utøya and in Oslo on Friday. Our thoughts are with the affected families.   Royal Norwegian Embassy 2720 34th Street N.W. Washington, D.C 20008

Halle Brown, age 12, and Phil Buffa ring the bell 76 times to honor the victims. Many of them were childrenBob Dumon plays” Taps”





The children went merrily to their camp, chatting along the way

Picking and choosing friends as they planned their political games

The day was all bright and sunny like a picnic basket filled with goodies

Their excitement and glee did not foretell of the darkness

And danger that was slowly creeping up the hill.

It crested the hill and spilled upon the scene

His unspeakable wrath in

A crimson carpet as far as the eye could see

Taking with it their innocence and glee.

It is said that Norwegians are the happiest ones

But this was perpetrated by one of Norways own,

Spreading his hatred over the land

That until this terrible day had remained untouched

Now only God can restore order again, while the children

Shall remain angels, as they sing and dance together

Waiting for their loved ones to join them

In their new home where the grass is always green

And joy is everlasting.


Dedicated to the lost children of the Norwegian tragedy

Maxine Batrawi


July 22, 2011






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