Ärter Suppa (Swedish Pea Soup)

pea soup

Ärter Suppa (Swedish Pea Soup)


2 cups yellow peas
6 cups water
Ham bone or salt pork 1 small onion, minced 1⁄4 tsp ginger

Salt and pepper

Soak peas overnight and drain. Put on to boil in cold water and boil 1 hour. Skim to remove the skins which will come off. Add seasonings, onion and meat and boil until peas are done. Remove meat when done and slice; serve separately.

**In Sweden Ärter Suppa is practically a national dish. It is said that it is served every Thursday at the King’s table as well as in many homes of his subject.

(Recipe taken from Scandinavian Recipes, copyright April, 1951.)

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