The children went merrily to their camp, chatting along the way

Picking and choosing friends as they planned their political games

The day was all bright and sunny like a picnic basket filled with goodies

Their excitement and glee did not foretell of the darkness

And danger that was slowly creeping up the hill.

It crested the hill and spilled upon the scene

His unspeakable wrath in

A crimson carpet as far as the eye could see

Taking with it their innocence and glee.

It is said that Norwegians are the happiest ones

But this was perpetrated by one of Norways own,

Spreading his hatred over the land

That until this terrible day had remained untouched

Now only God can restore order again, while the children

Shall remain angels, as they sing and dance together

Waiting for their loved ones to join them

In their new home where the grass is always green

And joy is everlasting.


Dedicated to the lost children of the Norwegian tragedy

Maxine Batrawi


July 22, 2011






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